IT Recruitment

Voilo Technologies With extensive networking capabilities combined with our professional and experienced advisors; Our Volio team recruiting agencies value the provision of an optimal standard of service quality to both candidates and clients. Using comprehensive research and prerequisites gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with individual profiles for each candidate, saving time for both candidates and clients. The strategy of a comprehensive understanding of the needs of clients, abilities and interests of candidates will provide us with a set of the best talents.

Because staffing has a significant impact on most organizations, our staffing agencies in are trying to provide our clients with creative, convenient, and value-added services for all of their long-term contracts. Our recruiting consultant manages qualified recruiting services from a general level to a level of authority; make acquisitions fast and efficient for your company. All candidates will intentionally and fully assemble to ensure the best fit for your requirements. Our goal is to establish a trusting relationship between our clients and candidates with an emphasis on perspective, talent and potential.

Extensive understanding and detailed background searches are provided for executive placements. Universality is the best approach to achievements at today’s fast pace, always showing signs of business change, and we are at the forefront of providing such a business solution. Our Canada recruitment agencies function as an indistinguishable unit with our client to achieve their plans and recruitment goals.

Why Volio Technologies As IT Recruitment Service :

Our recruiting consultant will handle the recruitment life cycle and will take responsibility for productive changes in asset levels in the event of differences in employment. Moreover, the client does not need to bear the burden of transferring meaningless staff costs or shortages when more significant assets are required. Our employment agency implements search, selection, detailing and execution procedures for your entire organization, while the current HR group deals with the processes of holding meetings, concluding contracts and preparing for boarding.

This allows our customers to concentrate on key regions, for example, to adapt the procedures of individuals to the needs of the business and focus on creating staff abilities, viability of transactions and additional services and attraction. Our recruitment staff employs experts from an expanded fund from multinational recruitment and official prosecution organizations who are knowledgeable about industry and labor market trends, which allows us to fully understand client requirements.

Our recruiting agencies use a variety of search strategies for referrals, referrals, print ads, online advertising, and on-campus recruiting to use a solid candidate system to meet the needs of our customers.

  • The ability to nominate candidates for positions at all levels from different industries.
  • Ability to deliver local or remote applicants, or different nationalities.
  • Ability to supply labor locally and globally.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Expertise and quality management.
  • Commitment and customer focus.
  • An irresistible and moderate procedure to meet your needs.
  • Our human resources departments in Canada have a large database of job seekers.
  • Alliance with local and foreign providers.

Payroll Service

  • Our payroll module is multifunctional and will satisfy all your needs. Built on one database, it combines your data from all modules to process payroll efficiently and accurately every time.

Scalability :

  • Multi-user access role.
  • Several paid frequencies.
  • Several federal and provincial numbers.
  • Add-on HR, Time Management, and Absence Management Modules.
  • Single or multiple locations.

Comprehensive Functionality :

  • User-defined income, deductions and benefits with goals.
  • Fees for vacation, vacation, sick person, banking time.
  • Full payroll preview functionality.
  • Future Transaction Dates.
  • Bulk shift module.
  • Mandatory Payroll Calculator.
  • Automatic triggers at key stages, such as trial periods.
  • Administration Garnish.
  • Full year-end package, including T4 and employer resumes.
  • Secure and confidential document attachment.

Employee and Manager Self Service :

  • New mobile-optimized employee self-service.
  • Increased employee and executive engagement through timely access to personal information.
  • Recording an employee and editing personal information.
  • View and print statements.
  • View and print tax forms.

Industry-Leading Year-End Processing Tools :

  • Convenient year-end interactive checklist.
  • Simplified setup from the beginning of the year with instant preview of tax forms.
  • Convenient warning widget.
  • Instant reports – no processing required.
  • Electronic tax information is sent to CRA / MRQ on your behalf.

Reporting & Analytics :

  • Standard and fully customizable payroll reports.
  • Global Report Writer and Dashboards provide custom reports and a quick visual snapshot of key performance indicators.
  • Export payroll register and journal entries.
  • Access to one database with data on personnel, time and attendance.

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