IT Recruitment

Voilo Technologies With extensive networking capabilities combined with our professional and experienced advisers, Our team values the provision of an optimal standard of service quality to both candidates and clients. Using comprehensive research  which gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with individual profiles for each candidate, saving time for both candidates and clients. The strategy of a comprehensive understanding of the needs of clients, abilities and interests of candidates will provide us with a set of the best talents.

Because staffing has a significant impact on most organizations, our staffing team are trying to provide our clients with creative, convenient, and value-added services for their long-term contracts. All candidates will intentionally and fully assemble to ensure the best fit for your requirements. Our goal is to establish a trusting relationship between our clients and candidates with an emphasis on perspective, talent and potential.

Extensive understanding and detailed background searches are provided for executive placements. Versatility is the best approach to achievements at today’s fast pace, always showing signs of business change, and we are at the forefront of providing such a business solution. Our Volio recruitment function as an indistinguishable unit with our client to achieve their plans and recruitment goals.

Why Volio Technologies  As IT Recruitment Services

Our IT talent acquisition team is made up of specialists in the search and delivery of high-level candidates, from entry-level technical assistance support roles, to developers and executive-level CIOs.

How We Do

  • We pair it with an IT talent acquisition specialist who will be educated about your company’s culture, values ​​and growth vision. This member of our team will serve as your dedicated hourly resource to guide you through the hiring process.
  • We select and present the best candidates for your position.
  • We work with you to determine the profile of the ideal candidates you are looking for and identify the corporate and educational background of those who have been successful members of your team in the past.
  • Before offering, we are there to help you further qualify the selected talent, including options such as pre-hiring and personality tests. This will test the functional skills and personality traits necessary to succeed within the corporate culture of your company.

Pay Roll Outsourcing Service

Payroll is a very delicate area where lots can go wrong, and when it happens, employees get upset. After all, that is his conclusion. But what if you could work with a HR partner? Do you let someone very competent help you run it so you can return to the rest of your business? And by doing this, do you really improve operations and save money? You can look to Volio Technologies to handle your outsourced payroll needs.

Our Payroll Processing Solution

  • Standard operating procedures to make the payroll more process oriented rather than relying on people.
  • Audit before and after the process performed by an independent audit team to maintain quality.
  • Fully automated, software driven process, therefore, consumes less time.
  • Multilevel process checks to mitigate errors.

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