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Risk Management and Compliance Assurance


Growth in today’s unsure atmosphere has the diode to multiple business challenges and risks. Volio, there’s associate degree increasing compliance demand from regulators. Some examples square measure the Dodd-Frank Act and also the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) within the United States of America, MiFID a pair of and General Information Protection Regulation in Europe, and also the Equality Act within Great Britain. Businesses square measure underneath tremendous pressure to confirm full compliance, with intolerance for errors, as even minor lapses will result in vital money and reputational damages.

VOLIO resolution

  • VOLIO helps businesses befits, important trade rules, and effectively manage and mitigate risks. as an example, our Compliance Assurance Framework supports machine-driven Basel III and FATCA validation.
  • Volio MiFID a pair of compliance offerings specialize in performance and user testing.
  • Volio OFSAA Risk and Compliance Suite offers machine-driven testing with a high level of accuracy, creates perceptive reports, and permits information integrity and security.
  • Volio Assurance associate degreed Compliance resolution is an end-to-end framework for the life sciences trade and unifies testing, validation and QA and compliance.
  • QA maturity assessment framework that helps enterprises assess and benchmark their existing testing, validation, and compliance processes.



  • Mitigate business and technical risks
  • Maintain audit-ready IT systems
  • Create standardized and unified QA processes
  • Monitor for fast and cost-efficient measurability of operations
  • Tackle dynamic and rising trade challenges with lightness
  • Identify and correct compliance gaps transparently