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At Volio we believe in our performance and our client’s credentials to gain the trust of our customers and Volio technologies have a tendency to capture worth across boundaries and between the silos of any organization.

Volio was founded in 2001 and is a world of IT services and infrastructures that offers its customers with great efficiency, innovation, compliance and cost savings. Volio follows fundamental business strategies with bold measures of technological innovation.

We do the best practice processes, strategic partnerships, and state of the art facilities and complete the core mission of Volio IT excellence. Volio is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001

Mission & Vision Of Volio

Volio Technologies’ mission is to help our customers meet key business challenges by providing innovative IT solutions that improve the efficiency of our products, intellectual property, and outstanding execution.

  1. Services
  2. Solution
  3. Security

We strive to constantly surprise our customers with our innovative products and to promote talented people, growth and community in our employees and to develop a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with our partners

Business With Volio

Volio Technologies

Volio Business operations technology solutions, an integral part of our price rate approach, accelerate an enterprise’s ability to exceed business objectives by re-imagining operations and facilitate win sustained and profitable growth. Our solutions area unit broadly speaking classified into.

  • Achieve increased levels of Straight Through the process
  • Develop superior next-generation product
  • Improve client experiences
  • Enhance come back on investment
  • Reduce errors and improve quality

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers the potential to exchange info and insights in real-time, across a connected network. It utilizes efficient, low power sensors to effectively track and transmit monitored parameters for analysis, to drive timely deciding. As organizations across industries begin to reorient their business models to comprehend the IoT potential, the necessity for engineering support is on the increase.

Services Provided By Volio

volio services

Dot Net Services  :


The Volio Technologies has an extremely high, full-service, specialized Dot Net Services and has a wide range of architects and certified Microsoft (MS) professionals (such as MCPD, MCTS, and MCSD). Our experience in promoting .NET applications has helped such a significant number of clients from new enterprises to a huge scale, worldwide customers and organizations are trying to take their business to the next level.

Volio Technologies offer the benefits of a full-cycle .NET programming improvement using our long periods of ability to transfer exceptionally functional, high-quality software elements and applications for the Internet, cloud systems and mobile devices.

We have Dot Net Services in Kuala Lumpur with a highly qualified team of experienced .NET programmers, critical thinkers and technology enthusiasts, we offer industry-leading .Net software services that meet our clients’ business goals with the fast pace of development and competitive pricing.

We at Volio Technologies Dot Net Services in Kuala Lumpur with the best  ASP.Net development companies worldwide. Thanks to our continued performance and commitment to producing high-quality Microsoft .NET applications, we have gained international recognition.

  •  We build collaborative corporate web applications, all types of Windows applications (Windows GUI, Windows Smart Client, and many others), and various mobile applications using Xamarin that can be used on various platforms. Our application developers also have the ability to combine .NET development services with other Microsoft platforms such as Azure and Silverlight which give you the benefits of advanced features and amazing results. We use various tools offered by .NET, to create mobile applications, websites and desktop applications that are very attractive for your business needs. Also as we are experts in Digital Marketing Services

Why Choose Volio Technologies Dot Net Services?

  • Customized Dot Net Application: Our .NET programmer and Our experienced and certified Microsoft programmers are more than capable of transforming complex business requirements into a highly functional and easily measured web-based solution.
  • Dot NET Integration: We offer seamless integration of legacy enterprise systems such as SAP R / 3, Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel, Salesforce, etc. We can efficiently introduce .NET solutions to your existing environment and help you ensure smooth A2A / B2B communication.
  • Third-Party Dot NET Application Development and Customisation: Our .NET professionals build third-party solutions that are designed perfectly for your business needs. Our .NET services are tailored from start to finish, from UI workmanship, easy of maintenance, and increased functionality. We also offer API development, customization, and optimization.
  • Migration to Dot NET: Are you worried that constant technological changes can hamper the business value of your legacy system? We offer a variety of .NET migration services that can migrate your current products and applications to .NET. Our .NET migration is not only painless but also improves the performance of existing systems. 
LanguagesVisual C++ (ATL), C, VBA,Visual Basic, C#.
Web TechnologiesASP, VB Script, HTML5, ASP.Net, IIS Web Server.
DatabaseMS Access, SQL Server 7.0/2000.
Middle TierMicrosoft Commerce Server, COM+.
Middle TierMS Messaging Queue (MSMQ 3.0).
Communication.NET Remoting, Web Services (SOAP/HTTP).
TestingMS Web Application Stress Tool, MS Application Test Center.
DocumentationVBX Commenter, NDoc, ASP C# API Documentation tools.
Other ProductsMS Visio Architect, MS Sharepoint Portal Server, MS Project, MS InfoPath 2003, MS Exchange Server, MS-Office 2003.

Business Benefits With Volio Technologies:   


  1. Rapid application development with a highly built-inbuilt- code library that saves 30% development time.
  2. The consulting team is very experienced in promoting custom customer solutions with favorable industry trends and domain knowledge.
  3. 100+ certified experienced and dedicated ASP.NET programmers including architects and application, technology and solution specialists.
  4. A strong alliance with Microsoft with support and solutions.
  5. It comes with IT and ITIL experience for applications and IT consolidation that enables cloud, hybrid and solutions available with qualified cloud and infrastructure specialists with 24 x 7 support.
  6. A combination of package and custom development solutions that support clients on location and on-demand solutions.
  7. Providing more than 50 enterprise solutions for customers in a variant delivery model that includes onshore, offshore and hybrid models ensuring compliance with CMMi and ISO standards.
  8. Providing solutions under the supervision of an independent verification and validation team that monitors the outputs carried out with customers A strong certification and management team with a governance model that is committed to ensuring solutions with highly feasible planning, communication and risk management strategies.
  9. With a team of NET programmers, critical thinkers and high-tech technology hijackers, we offer industry-leading Net software solutions that meet the business objectives of our customers with rapid development speed and competitive prices. We often rank among the best ASP.Net development companies globally.
  10. With many years of experience and knowledge in the field of VB.Net, ASP.Net, C #, C ++ and MSSQL, our ASP.Net development team creates modern web applications for complex enterprises. Also as we are experts in Web Development Services in Kuala Lumpur


Digital Marketing Services 

Looking for Digital Marketing Services? Then here we are, Volio Technologies is one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia, We are specialized in offering various Digital Marketing Services. Over these generations, the business has moved from traditional to digital media use due to the effects of changes in customer behavior and lifestyle. Current consumers fond of using digital devices such as; To obtain information through a computer, mobile phone, and tablet search engine results.Also as we are experts in Dot Net Services

Digital Marketing Services We Provided in Kuala Lumpur


We offer a full range of digital marketing services in Kuala Lumpur to ensure that your business website reaches the top and is able to stay there despite the competition in the market. From SEO to SMO, SMM, PPC, ORM, content marketing and more, we excel at every aspect of online marketing and create a perfect blend of these strategies to bring a result-oriented digital plan to your business.

Search Engine Optimization

  • A website must be optimized in order for the search engine to be visible and receive its target traffic. We provide reliable SEO services that take your website to the top search rankings and increase your online reach.

Search Engine Marketing

  • Search engine marketing is the use of paid advertising sources to get websites on the top search engine rankings. We combine strategies like AdWords, Bing Ads, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, and more to get instant traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media is a fast and effective way to make your business popular online. As digital marketing experts, we create an effective social media marketing strategy that uses the power of various social media channels to expand your audience.

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing involves reaching out to customers, potential or current, by sending an e-mail. We help you create a powerful strategy by identifying target groups and sending personalized mail at the right time to make your business popular.

Mobile App Marketing

  • Launching an app without an effective marketing strategy is like a needle in an obstacle. Our digital marketing experts help you with app store optimization to help your app win over your competitors.

App & Web Analytics

  • App and web analytics serve as reliable tools to study customer behavior and strategies to achieve greater conversions. We bring end-to-end app and web analytics services to help you gain business information and use it for the best results.

Pay Per Click

  • Pay per click (PPC) is an online marketing strategy that brings immediate traffic to a website. Our PPC experts design specialized advertising campaigns that aim to bring maximum ROI in the most cost-effective way.


Web development services

Web development services in kuala lumpur


Volio Technologies – The Best Web Development Services in Kuala lumpur

specializes in designing efficient virtual branding and developing W3C standard websites compatible with all devices.  Out of the web development companies in Kuala Lumpur, Volio technologies is the best professional web development company, with strong web development experience and strong domain knowledge in web development Services in Kuala Lumpur, taking into consideration the vast expertise, tremendous ability to design and develop. The best of the website.

Our web development Services in Kuala Lumpur involves developing the basic website, the functionality, and navigation of the graphics, and finally, formatting and loading the content to the actual website. Volio Technologies offer a wide range of quality services and products, along with flexible features that allow you to implement your own personal strengths and internal features to create custom web.

Web Development Services in Kuala Lumpur enhances your capabilities to fulfill projects at any time. But our involvement and commitment with a project is always a decision for you. The most effective web development process should consider these criteria for success in the world of online marketing. Also as we are experts in Digital Marketing Services in Kuala Lumpur

We Provide Best web development services in Kuala Lumpur

Volio Technologies are dedicated to a team of professional designers and developers, creating powerful and attractive websites. We use the ultra-clean and bold design style to deliver standards-based markup code to your websites that can boost exceptional Google result positions and help increase conversions.

Small businesses have small budgets, but this means that your ROI with smart expenses is as good as the bottom line. Developing your web presence with up-to-date design and web development services, white hat SEO and multi-channel digital advertising is a difficult task, but essential practice if you want to find customers. You may not be able to keep your own home marketing unit, but a custom web development company in Kuala Lumpur can work to put cash back in your cash flow. Also as we are experts in Dot Net Services In Kuala Lumpur

Advantages of  Volio Web Development Services

volio web


Anyone who has an online business knows how competitive the Internet arena is and how challenging it can be to promote their business to get good conversions and good sales. Overall web development is an essential part of e-commerce success, and without the website, the world would never know about business products or services.

When it comes to promoting your business brand these days, web development Services in Kuala Lumpur is becoming a trend for e-commerce companies worldwide. Traditional software-based applications and systems are installed on the platforms of users’ desktops, while web applications use the website as a central portal for access. There are several advantages to businesses using web development applications. Such as:

  • Easy Maintenance

By having software applications web-based, you eliminate the need to make updates on every user’s desktop. Maintaining and updating the software can be done directly on the server and these updates can be effectively implemented on the user’s computers.

  • Cross-Platform Capabilities

Unlike traditional software applications, users can access web applications regardless of any operating system, such as Windows or Mac. Nowadays there are various types of internet browsers available such as Internet ExplorerFirefox and Bing. To name a few), users run into problems with software compatibility

  • Saves Money

Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce operating costs, so connecting web-based applications to customers is a great way to streamline their systems and improve processes that result in cost savings. Web-based software saves companies from having to buy strong hardware to support software, manage multiple systems, and perform time-consuming updates on them.

  • Accommodates Expandability With Ease

A successful business is booming, and while building an existing architecture to meet the resource requirements of software applications, updating web-based software is an easy task, because the server (s) only require updates.

Web application development is increasingly popular in businesses that are interested in improving the user experience and bringing efficiency and effectiveness to their systems and processes. Web applications play an important role in the overall success of today’s online businesses.

Why choose our Volio web development services

  • A technically robust team of 100+ domain experts with 10+ years of experience
  • Adherence to the best coding guidelines & quality standards
  • Clean W3C validated code that is compatible with multiple platforms & browsers
  • High maintenance website construction
  • Responsive user-friendly interfaces
  • Performance, load & stress testing before delivery
  • Up-to-date techniques have been implemented using the latest technologies
  • Fully SEO Optimized designs to increase rankings
  • Very little maintenance work
  • High-End Security Against Malichios Practices

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